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Travel Vaccination

Vaccinations before the trip

Fit For Travel With Vaccination Clinic

Visit our travel health clinic for vaccinations in Montreal, 514VACCINS.COM for the administration of vaccines needed before a trip or a pilgrimage.

Our travel vaccination expertise goes beyond borders.

Our doctors and staff speak several languages including but not limited to French, English, Arabic, Russian and Romanian. Such an asset allows us to better identify interpretive nuances and thus meet the needs and expectations of our clients. This way, the client feels more comfortable and better understood when explaining their symptoms pertaining to various aspects such as travel vaccinations, illnesses, hygiene, etc. which in turn increases the chances that the doctor’s recommendations are followed.

During the trip

If questions arise when experiencing symptoms during your trip, you will have access to consultations by internet or telephone. Moreover, during your pre trip appointment, the nurse will give you information on how to access medical consultation by telephone in less than 12 hours regardless of your location in the world.

After the trip

The travel vaccinations clinic operates in collaboration with several medical clinics. If you have symptoms or concerns upon your return, you can consult a doctor with or without an appointment. Visits are covered by the RAMQ.

Consult checklist to make sure you do not forget anything