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514Vaccins is a vaccination clinic in Montreal specialized in health travel and immunization. We offer consultations and vaccines for health care workers and students-travelers as part of an internship or to obtain a visa or health certificate for abroad.

Travel Vaccination Montreal

During your trip, you may be exposed to a number of diseases that can be prevented by vaccination. Over the course of time, the protection offered by the vaccination against many illnesses may decrease. Your risk of getting certain diseases may also increase. You should visit our health travel clinic, preferably six week before your departure. This visit will also give you the opportunity to:

  • check your vaccination history
  • discuss your health concerns with your trip
  • ensure your vaccinations are up to date, according to your provincial or territorial vaccination program
  • assess your needs based on where you intend to

Vaccines for healthcare workers, interns and medical students

Health personnel, interns and medical students are daily exposed to an increased risk of certain infectious diseases during direct contact with patients. Health workers may also be the source of transmission of certain infectious diseases to patients. They are responsible to prevent and protect themselves and the patients from possible transmission of infectious diseases.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that medical students get their vaccines updated before being in regular contact with patients.