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Should You Delay Your Travel Plans Due To the Coronavirus Outbreak?

The novel Coronavirus is the number one trending health topic today. A flu-like outbreak that was initially ignored in Wuhan, China, has now been declared a world pandemic. Countries are shutting down their borders, makeshift facilities are cropping up in hard-hit areas, and the research world can’t afford to blink their eyes because they are keen on finding a solution to this menace that has now threatened the entire world population.

Important Vaccines

Important Vaccines You Might Not Know About

Vaccines have been around for over a century. They have proved to be of fundamental importance in stopping a variety of diseases that have been a threat through history.  Without certain vaccines, the mortality rates in some places would have been so high, completely changing the demographics that we currently have.  If you are an adult and a parent,


Common Misconceptions about Vaccinations

Vaccination has been around for decades, and it has always been used as an effective means of dealing with certain diseases that once threatened populations. From the days of smallpox to present times, the number of saved lives increases steadily through the timely administration of vaccines, especially child vaccination that proved to be immensely useful in saving the lives of millions of children around the globe.

Flu Shot

Who Gets the Flu Shot For Free in Montreal?

Flu is a potentially dangerous disease that can lead to long stays in the hospital and possibly death if not treated at the right time. Every flu season in Montreal is different, and the infection will always manifest differently in different people. Millions of people get infected each year, with hundreds of thousands being hospitalized,

flu cold

Understanding the Differences between the Flu and a Cold

The flu and colds are among common ailments that most Canadians find difficult to differentiate. Often people have flu symptoms, yet in their minds, they are convinced that they are suffering from a cold. This is because both are respiratory problems and some of their symptoms are nearly similar. In most cases, the flu will always manifest more strongly than a cold.

Healthcare Workers

Why Should Healthcare Workers be vaccinated?

There is a need for every healthcare worker to be vaccinated and to ensure that they are up to date with their vaccination schedules. This is a special category of people, where the nature of their jobs and interactions with patients predisposes both them, and those they interact with to a myriad of communicable diseases,