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2017 – 2018 Flu Shot Campaign in Montreal

The 2017 – 2018 Flu campaign in Montreal started on November 1st, and is expected to run through until the winter of 2018. The campaign is aimed at giving people the flu shot so that they can stay safe from the flu, and the respective complications.

Where to get the Montreal flu shot

Most clinics in your district will be administering the flu shot during this period.


Vaccinations: Not Just For Kids

Proceeding to adulthood is marked by various rites of passages, including graduations, marriage, first jobs, and reducing the number of vaccines acquired. Though vaccination is never viewed as a rite of passage, ignoring their importance and bypassing them seems acceptable to certain adults, who themselves are products of well-checked vaccination programs, which they participated in when they were kids.

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The Dangers of Delaying Vaccinations

Some parents have the habit of delaying vaccines for their children out of misinformation that late vaccination would be more effective, but this does nothing but increase the risk of a seizure after the vaccine is administered, and leaves the child at greater risks of getting the disease.

Why parents delay vaccines

There are two main reasons why parents may delay vaccines: the first one is that some parents intentionally delay the vaccination due to having been misinformed,


Top Reasons Why a Vaccine May Fail

Vaccines have been designed and developed to prevent a myriad of infections that could potentially risk human life. Though every vaccine will be tested for safety and effectiveness before they are used, there are rare occasions when they fail to prevent the diseases or infections they were created to prevent. A number of factors may be responsible for such an occurrence,

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Staying Safe from Zika Virus When Travelling Abroad

Zika is a virus carried by mosquitoes, causing typically mild infection that will usually last a few days. Its symptoms include headache, fever, skin rash, conjunctivas, and muscle pain. If you are travelling from Canada to destinations that have risks concerning the Zika virus, it is highly recommended to visit a travel clinic to get the right advice and to inform yourself regarding the necessary preventive measures.

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Reasons Why Vaccines Have Remained the Ideal Protector of Human Life

With a myriad of vaccination needed throughout current times, there are a good number of people, especially new parents, questioning the effectiveness of vaccines in keeping their kids healthy. But despite the doubts and the myths doing rounds about vaccines, there is no denying that vaccines are the most powerful health interventions ever devised by mankind.


What’s In the Measles Vaccine?

The measles vaccine is one of the common shots administered to young children in Canada. As a parent, it is normal to be concerned about the contents of the shot, since there is the occasional story of vaccinations gone wrong, and children left in great agony.

With regards to the measles shot, it is fairly safe,