What You Should Know About Cholera and the Cholera Vaccine

Cholera has always been a threat to global health and its outbreak is usually considered a key indicator of lack of social development. This acute diarrheal infection is caused by water or food contaminated by the cholera bacteria – Vibrio cholera O1.

Recently, its emergence has been observed to be in parallel with the ever-growing size of vulnerable population living in places with poor sanitation.


Key Facts worth Knowing About the Rubella Vaccine

The rubella vaccine in use today is a weakened but live strain of the virus, which has been in use for the last four decades. A single jab is sufficient to offer up to 95% of long lasting immunity, just the kind of longevity as is induced by the natural infection.

The rubella vaccine is primarily available in two forms: a monovalent formulation where the vaccine is targeted at just one pathogen or in combination with other vaccines like those against mumps and measles.

Shingles Vaccines Canada

Shingles Vaccines Canada: Who Should Get it and Who Should Not?

The shingles vaccine in Canada, has the potential to reduce your chances of getting shingles by almost half. Shingles is a condition caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox and when infected, it brings very painful rashes to the skin.

The vaccine consists of a weakened chickenpox virus, which is used to prime an individual’s immune system to develop the resistance against a full-blown infection.

Japanese Encephalitis vaccine

Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine: Preventing Japanese Encephalitis

Some of the ways to reduce your chances of getting Japanese Encephalitis include getting the Japanese encephalitis jab and taking all the precautionary measures to avoid mosquito bites when in areas that are considered at-risk.

The Japanese encephalitis vaccine is recommended to all individuals who may be at risk of getting infected due to the nature of their work or travels.


Facts About the HPV Vaccine

Several researches have shown that HPV vaccine is safe and can prevent some cancers amongst other problems. Just with every other vaccine available, however, there are always myths and misinformation circulating about them. As a parent or a health conscious adult keen on giving the best health care to their kids or loved ones, here are some essential facts you need to know about the HPV vaccine:

There is more than one HPV vaccine

There are three HPV vaccines now available in North America.