What’s In the Measles Vaccine?

The measles vaccine is one of the common shots administered to young children in Canada. As a parent, it is normal to be concerned about the contents of the shot, since there is the occasional story of vaccinations gone wrong, and children left in great agony.

With regards to the measles shot, it is fairly safe,

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Measles and International Travel: The Precautions You Should Take

If you intend to enjoy international travel with your child, then you should be aware that measles is the most contagious viral disease among children, and as such, you have to prepare adequately before making the trip. Matters have been worsened by the recent rise in cases of measles among children, and it is imperative for every parent and caregiver to have the right information so as to protect children effectively during their international travels.

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Most Common Flu Vaccine Side Effects

If you have ever considered going for the flu vaccine, then you may also have considered the side effects. Well, just like with every other medication, side effects are always a possibility, but what you should know about the flu jab is that none of the side effects are life threatening, and they normally disappear very quickly.


Top Fears about the Yellow Fever Vaccine in Canada

Compared to other vaccines, concerns regarding the yellow fever vaccine in Canada are rather elevated. This has made many parents skeptical and hesitant from taking their children to get vaccines. Consequently, the results have been devastating. To dispel any myths, here are some of the top fears about the vaccine and the truths behind them so that you can be well informed and avoid the influence of fear:

Fear No.

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Frequently Asked Questions in Montreal Travel Clinics

Visiting a travel clinic is always recommended for your safety when you are a leaving Canada for another country. As an individual, you may not have all the health information you need in regards to health issues within your destination country, and the Montreal travel clinic is one place you are guaranteed to get accurate information for any country you want to travel to.